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CBD is the natural component found in cannabis plants. Manufacturers can use various methods to extract the non-intoxicating CBD compound from hemp or cannabis Sativa plants. Extracts from cannabis Sativa contain higher amounts of THC, hence not legal in all the 50 states with liberal marijuana laws. Nevertheless, old derived from hemp plants also contain traces of THC. Due to the generational negative stigma, consumers raise various questions about CBD products with and without THC. Here at Pure Kana, we offer you a comprehensive guide to educate and inform you everything you need to know about CBD and THC, including what they are, functions, and how to find the best products to meet your consumption needs.

Defining CBD Oils and THC

Despite the popularity of CBD oils most users experience difficulties differentiating THC and CBD. The first step towards distinguishing the difference between the two compounds is understanding that the two are active compounds found in cannabis plants. Despite being classified as cannabinoids, the two compounds are completely different from each other in their functionality. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the psychoactive and intoxicating compound found in cannabis and hemp plans. It alters the mental state causing users to experience euphoric feelings. Too much consumption of products with THC leads to a bout of anxiety and paranoia.

CBD is also psychoactive and affects the mind. However, it is known to produce positive changes in thoughts and moods. CBD is completely non-intoxicating in that it does not produce any kind of high which distinguishes THC. While one may think that CBD oils with THC will make you high, it is not the case since it is impossible to eliminate all traces of THC from CBD oils. Since CBD oils are consumed in small quantities for the natural well being of your body, it is unlikely that they will have an intoxicating effect. To further understand if the CBD oils with THC have any impact on you, we will look into the uses and effects.

CBD Products with THC

Various categories of CBD products are available in the market. There are pure CBD products without any traces of THC referred to as CBD isolates and often labeled as Zero THC or THC free products. Products containing traces of CBD are known as full-spectrum products. These contain CBD extracted from hemp plants as well as a complete spectrum of additional photocannabinoids. Products containing the broad spectrum label contain all the hemp photocannabinoids besides THC.

You can choose the type of products from these options based on your needs. Take note that the effect of CBD oils with THC will differ slightly as compared to THC products without THC due to the entourage effect.

CBD products with THC

Full-spectrum products are more popular among consumers. Experts believe the preference is based on the entourage effects, which is the way through which cannabinoids interact to produce an enhanced effect on the body. Both THC and CBD compounds interact with the endocannabinoid system in the human body in different ways. While CBD promotes the production of endocannabinoids, THC binds directly to the CB1 cannabinoid receptors found in the central nervous system to produce different effects including the feeling of being high.

Therefore CBD products with THC tend to be more effective as compared to CBD isolates. Furthermore, full-spectrum CBD products are Farm Bill compliant, meaning they contain the recommended 0.3% THC. If Full spectrum CBD is what you have been looking for, we offer you an assortment of CBD products.

CBD Products without THC

CBD isolates are pure products without traces of THC. Isolates can be found in the form f powders and are expensive due to the process involved in removing all the traces of THC compounds. They can be vaped with the appropriate equipment, added to foods, or infused into oils. One key advantage of CBD isolates is that they test negative for drug tests. Therefore, if you are involved in activities that require regular drug tests, CBD isolates are the best option. Finding CBD isolates can be difficult since not many manufacturer s will be willing to incur the additional costs in the extraction process. While shopping online for CBD isolates, be sure to get them from reliable sources with professional reviews.

Which works Better: CBD oils with THC or CBD Oils without THC?

The function of CBD products can be best explained through the entourage effect, which was invented by DR. Ethan Russo. However, expanding further about the existence of this effect required scientific research, which is still in its infancy making it difficult to explain which products work better. Nevertheless, experts identify CBD oils with THC to have more benefits as compared to CBD isolates.

Every ECS functions differently from the other meaning that different products will have different effects on different people. If you are unsure of which products to use (which many people do not know), do a trial and error experiment of all the product ranges and identify which has the best effect on your system.

Functions of CBD oil with THC

Whether you opt to purchase CBD isolates or CBD oils with THC, their function is the same. Although there is limited scientific research on the functions of CBD Oils with THC in the body consumers in online platforms often discuss the benefits accrued from CBD oils with THC as compared to isolates. What is generally known about CBD oils with THC is that they support the ECS which is involved with the general well-being of the body. By consuming CBD, you will create a homeostatic environment for normal body functions.

Purchasing CBD Oils with THC

CBD oils with THC are readily available in the market as compared to isolates. A reputable brand will have the third-party lab report on their packaging or upon request. Additionally, genuine products will adhere to the Farm Bill where they will contain less than 0.3% of THC content.


Identifying genuine retailers of CBD oils is daunting to the presence of varying information and differing product descriptions online. While you should be cautious about obtaining authentic CBD products, you should not be afraid of the effect of the CBD oils with THC since every manufacturer has to be compliant with the Farm Bill. The 0.3% of the THC compound will not make you high.

Lastly, each category of CBD oil has different effects on your body. While we may recommend full-spectrum products as the best options, we ask you to try both full-spectrum and isolates at varying intervals. By experimenting with each product, you will be able to identify the uniqueness of each product. However, before making your purchase online, do thorough research on the manufacturer to identify the authenticity of the products.

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